Thank you Newman High School

Newman High School students had a food drive, collecting 660 cans goods.  Donating all to the pantry.  A variety of can goods of vegetables, soup, fruit and more.  Your donation is a blessing to help families.  Thank you very much.   

Commodities program benfits SVdP families

We are happy to announce that March completed our first month in the commodities program.
Over 170 families benefited from this additional food supply.
The value of March’s commodities was an additional $79 per family in groceries above the ‘regular’ items families receive.
We are so blessed to be able to help our neighbors with the beneficial program.


On Sunday, March 3rd at 2:30PM, EWTN will rebroadcast the SVdP movie “ Our Faith In Action”.

This is an excellent presentation of the types of work done cross the country to help those in need.  Mark your calendar and learn more about the work of St Vincent de Paul helping our brothers and sisters in need.

January Update!


SVdP provided 125 families/319 individuals with food assistance. This number is a bit low but the pantry was closed for 4 days during the month.

25 families received a total of $1308 in financial assistance.

There were 16 new clients in January seeking either food or financial assistance.

We are continually thankful to be able to assist our neighbors.